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Here's what some people say about our Intentional Candles.

A.C., Canada

"Angels and Lions candles are masterful pieces of art and soul that make my home a home.  I have one burning almost at all times.  They not only smell delicious, but are stunning with their flower/gem embellishments, beautiful wicks, and elegant containers."

R.D., New Mexico

Intentional candles fill me with mood-lifting fragrances which are long-lasting and clean burning. I like to light them in the evening when I wind down from a busy day. They are comforting and beautiful to look at.

A.B., Italy

These long-lasting, clean-burning, wonderfully fragranced candles have been great gifts for birthdays, miss you gifts, Valentine’s Day and even a baby gift. I was delighted to see them packaged in gorgeous vessels and my requests for a particular scent and color were combined beautifully to make the perfect gift.

E.T., New Mexico

There is nothing like a custom candle. When I described my friend’s color preference and personality, Cathy was able to suggest a fragrance, color blend and vessel to fit that need. What I got was beyond my expectations. The candle was everything I could have asked for and more, decorated with matching stones and delicate flowers. It made the ideal gift for a person with particular tastes.

C.H., Texas

I was happy that I could feel good about lighting this beautifully scented and packaged candle made of soy and placed in recyclable glass vessels. The decorations were subtle and well matched and the candle burned to the bottom without nasty smoke or ash residues.

J.W., Texas

I like that there is a large variety of fragrances to choose from, some uplifting and energy provoking while others are calming and restorative. Lighting one of these is something I do for myself and sometimes have to share them with others. An Intentional Candle is a gift that is always appreciated.

R.R., New Mexico

I have bought a great variety of candles from Angels and Lions. Each is unique and has therapeutic benefits such as calming and/or uplifting. Cathy designs each candle with beautiful display and unique fragrances.

C.H., Texas

Subtle but sensuous.  The Peace candle was elegant. Adorned with Lapis Lazuli accentuating the Lavender and hint of Rosemary.  These are not your big box or discount store candles. Care for yourself.  Care for others.  Give a quality Candle.

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