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Candles & Plants

Candle Care Instructions

Trim the wick of your candle. For a clean, even burn, it's crucial to ensure the wick is the correct length. Check the wick before lighting the candle; if it exceeds the recommended length of 0.25 inches, trim it neatly with a wick trimmer.

To ensure your candle burns evenly, allow it to burn for about two hours the first time you light it. This duration helps melt the entire surface, preventing the formation of a solid wax rim that won't melt in subsequent uses.


Maintain a clean candle. After several uses, you might observe soot and debris gathering inside the container. It's important to clean this as soon as it appears. Debris extending above the wax level can catch fire from the candle's flame, potentially causing multiple flames within the candle.


To minimize mess when extinguishing your candle, proceed with caution. If your candle is contained in a jar, simply replace the wooden lid to snuff it out. Alternatively, consider using a dedicated candle snuffer. While blowing out a candle is effective, it requires careful execution to avoid splatter.


Cease using your candle while there is still wax remaining. It's advisable to discontinue the use of a candle before it's entirely depleted of wax. Allowing a candle to burn down completely may cause its container to overheat, potentially leading to problems, creating a mess, or both.

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