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Candle Care Instructions

Trim your candle’s wick. If you want a clean, even burn, you’ll want to make sure your candle’s wick is the right length. Before you light your candle, double-check your wick’s length. If it’s longer than the recommended 0.25 inches, use a wick trimmer to neatly trim it.


Make sure your candle burns evenly the first time you light it.  When you light a candle for the very first time, be sure to let it burn for a while (usually 2 hours). You want to ensure the entire surface of the candle melts before you put it out. If you don’t, your candle could end up with a rim of solid wax that never ends up melting.


Keep your candle clean.  Once you’ve used a candle a few times, you may notice that soot and other debris have started to accumulate inside the container. Clean this out the moment you see it. Debris that protrudes above the wax can be ignited by the candle’s flame and produce multiple flames in the candle.


Minimize the mess when putting out your candle. When it comes time to put out your candle, do so carefully. If your candle came in a jar, you could put it out by placing the wooden lid back on the jar. Or, you can invest in a proper snuffer. Blowing a candle out works but should be done carefully.


Retire your candle while there’s still wax in it. You should stop using a candle before it completely runs out of wax.  If you let your candle burn all the way down, it could overheat its container—which could cause a problem, create a mess, or both.

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