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Pouring Candle Wax

Our Story

Candles hold immense symbolism. Placing candles in a window signifies respect for departed loved ones and serves as a beacon to welcome guests and weary travelers. They have become a yearly tradition on September 10th for World Suicide Prevention Day. Candles play a crucial role in numerous religious ceremonies, create an ambiance of tranquility in homes, and illuminate dark passageways. They can stir feelings of love, and a solitary candle may aid in meditation and prayer.

The benefits of Soy candles:

  1. They have a clean burn and do not release any harmful or toxic gases.​ Soy candles do not produce petro-carbon soot.

  2. Vegan and cruelty-free (not derived from animals).

  3. Environmentally sustainable. Soy wax candles come from renewable, biodegradable plants.

  4. There's no doubt about it, Intentional candles help relax the mind. They change negative moods, help relieve stress, and promote overall mental health wellness. Smelling good scents induces the production of happy hormones.

  5. Candles and certain scents improve sleep by relaxing the brain and helping it to slow the heart rate. 

  6. Soy candles last longer than other candles of the same size because soy wax burns cooler and more slowly.

  7. Environmentally Soothing – whether you’re home and need to relax, or having a nice dinner with someone you love, candles add a general sensation of feeling good.


Scents and fragrances have the power to influence our moods due to the interplay of the olfactory system, the limbic system, and neurotransmitters. Initially, the olfactory system detects the scent, which then interacts with the olfactory receptors in the nose, sending signals to the brain for processing. The brain associates the scent with memories, emotions, and experiences. The limbic system, our brain's emotional hub, processes feelings and emotions triggered by the scent. Neurotransmitters, the brain's chemical messengers, regulate mood and memory. The release of serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins depends on the associated memory or emotion. Understanding fragrances allows us to harness scents to foster relaxation, energy, love, and patience through their connection to our sense of smell.


I use my own candles to foster a tranquil and calming environment in my home, encourage restful sleep, and aid in meditation. In these extraordinary times, finding ways to stay motivated and peaceful is essential. The aroma and enchanting glow of a candle flame can be instrumental in achieving these states.

I'm eager to share the story of my journey with you through my purposeful candles.

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