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Spirits Collection

Spirits Collection

The Spirits Collection - order yours today - Limited Availability From ancient times alcohol has been used as a part of religious rituals. In some Hindu and Buddhist traditions alcohol is known as amrita, “no-death,” the elixir of immortality. Evidence of alcoholic beverages has also been found dating from 5400 to 5000 BC in Hajji Firuz Tepe in Iran, 3150 BC in ancient Egypt, 3000 BC in Babylon, 2000 BC in pre-Hispanic Mexico and 1500 BC in Sudan. According to Guinness, the earliest firm evidence of wine production dates back to 6000 BC in Georgia.


In early societies, alcoholic beverages had multiple uses. First, they had important nutritional value. Second, they were the best medicine available for some illnesses and especially for relieving pain. From the moment the first alcoholic beverages were discovered, man has used it as a medicine; stress relieving relaxing nature that alcohol has on the body and mind alcohol is an antiseptic and in higher doses has anesthetizing effects.


It is the origin of the most famous toast, “Let’s drink to health”, which exists in many languages around the world.

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    Shipping rates will depend on delivery location and weight of package.   

  • Product Information

    100% Soy Wax.  Hand-poured in New Mexico.

  • Size

    3 x 3 x 3 Square Vessel

  • Gift Boxed No Additional Charge

    We box your candle so you don't have to!   It will come in a gift box (either black, brown, or white, depending on the candle you choose).  We add tissue paper or shredded paper of various colors to add beauty to your gift.  

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